A Pearl in my Heart:

I fell in love with Uganda

Uganda is the Pearl of Africa

Captivating, thrilling and downright the best fun you can have anywhere. The pearl stole my heart. I have been everywhere. The Himalayas moved me, the french riviera enthralled me, somehow it took COVID-19 and a series of unfortunate events to land me in every traveller’s dream. A welcoming destination filled with adventure, enchanting conversations and people with hearts of gold.

The pearl of Africa has about 50 million souls united in their diversity, as is the case across the motherland. Different tongues, dances, traditions, attitudes and worldviews united in god’s place. Gosh! The land of the nested crane, your beauty is unmatched. One would not be alone in believing the one-sided stories told about this magnificent pearl. Propaganda! Distasteful and downright malicious! All those stories fade away at the sound of “Wasuze otya”, the “Ndi bulungi” hits differently. Yes! during my COVID-cation, I learned enough Luganda to be a fun party guest!

I have so much to share from my time in the pearl, tales of a bus journey to Jinja, Stolen moments under the cover of curfew. I love a healthy amount of naughtiness. Do not worry I kept my mask on every time ;). After all, I came to Kampala for 2 things, Gorillas and the Kampala nightlife. I didn’t get a chance to see the Gorillas but I sure got a chance to enjoy the best of dance in Kampala. The pearl is the world capital of Dance.

If you want to dance till the police join in, Kampala has enough spots for you. Of course, the lockdown put a damper on the party but by no means did it stop the Kampalites from finding a way to enjoy themselves during the global pandemic. After all, life should not come to an end because the world might “end”. COVID should remind us that life is too precious to skip the good parts. Take a deep breath and enjoy it.

While you enjoy a cold Nile Special, you might learn about the intriguing history of the people of Uganda. The Baganda have their tales, So do the Banyankole and the other 50 or so peoples that make up this burgeoning nation. You will learn that one of the oldest mathematical instrument was discovered in the pearl. Getting a glimpse at the accomplishments of the several civilisations that have drunk from the lakes of the pearl for millennia.

I look forward to coming back to the pearl once COVID eases its grip on the world. To; learn more, laugh, dance and fall in love all over again.

Ke a lo rata!

PS You have a home in Botswana! Thank you for sharing your home with me!