African Travellers to Follow

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I will spend the rest of my days travelling

As an African traveller on a mission to explore the 55 nations that make up the African continent, I am always looking for inspiration from fellow African travellers, who understand the African context better. Over the past 2 years, I have scoured the internet for the most inspirational African travellers, this includes Africans in the Diaspora. These African’s are exploring Africa, sharing their unique perspectives of Africa which go over the heads of most non-African travellers. I follow bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers and travellers who share #afrooptimistic stories with their massive followings. 

My feed is now filled with these awesome people and their inspirational stories from around the world and the motherland. Here goes:

Toping of my list is Jessica Nabongo, the writer, entrepreneur, travel influencer and nomad who shattered records by becoming the first black woman to travel to every country in the world. Jessica journey to travel the world took almost 3 years and she shared it across her social media channels and blog The Catch me if you can. Nabongo has been featured on media outlets across the world, her achievement has been celebrated by for inspiring other African travellers and digital nomads, myself included. If you would love to get a dose of Jessica’s inspiring journey around the world, join her 182 thousand followers on Instagram and possibly shoot her a congratulatory tweet

One of my all-time favourite YouTubers has to be Wode Maya, AKA @MrGhanaBaby, The Ghanain YouTuber creates fun and entertaining videos. His content always revolves around learning about African countries he travels to and also his life in China. Wode Maya, real name Berthold Winkler, prides himself on bridging the gap between Africa and Asia. Wode Maya’s main aim is to take Africa to the world and he does that in a quirky yet informative series of videos that challenge perceptions of Africa. Join Wode Maya’s 300,000 youtube subscribers and take Africa to the world. 

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Farhana Oberson is a Kenyan vlogger who caught my eye with her vlogs centred around a road trip from Nairobi to Capetown. Throughout 2019 I enjoyed following her journey from Kenya, through Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Botswana. She affectionately calls her followers Rafikis, which means friends in Swahili. Farhana’s social media pages are filled with a lot of travel adventures and all the magnificent pictures she captures as she embraces her hodophile lifestyle. Oberson is not only a traveller and content creator but she has a clothing store Farhana Oberson Clothing, which is a selection of scarves, dresses and turbans. If you would love to join Farhana’s 83 thousand strong #RafikiSquad follow her adventures on youtube and check out her Instagram for some travel and fashion inspiration. 

Zamo Kasa is a south African visual storyteller and traveller whose Instagram feed is a portal into the world from Sir Lanka to the beautiful beaches of South Africa. Zamo has also recently kickstarted a youtube channel which I can imagine will grow to show the amazing destinations she covers on her Instagram page. My favourite video so far is the drone shots of the Dead Sea. Join Zamo’s 14k Instagram followers and get inspired to visit the world and most importantly explore the African continent. 

My next pick for influential African travellers has to be Adama Amanda Ndiaye, founder of fashion brand Adama Paris. Her life revolves around Paris and Dakar, where her fashion business meets her Fashion awards initiative. Adama’s Instagram is filled with gorgeous shots of the beautiful destinations she travels and her fashion inspirations. Her Adama Paris fashion brand for women embodies the best of African style with a fusion of the trendiest urban fashion cuts. The Kinshasa born “Story maker” has amassed a 100 thousand strong following on Instagram, which is no surprise once you scroll through her feed.

My Bonus pick for the best African Travellers to follow in 2020 is Amir, an African American brother in search of Uhuru. Amir’s Social media channels pay homage to Africa’s search for freedom by invoking the Swahili word for freedom, Uhuru. Dynast Amir describes himself as an African Curator, Pan-Africanist, Philanthropist, Author and a Lover of Life. All these are greatly personified in the work he does to bridge the gap between Africa and the African diaspora, especially in the United States of America. Dynast is currently working on a documentary that aims “to encourage African Americans and all Africans of the diaspora to join us in a journey back to Africa to experience the richness of the motherland, reconnect to our culture and discover how your ancestry impacts your past, present and future”. There is currently a crowdfunding campaign ongoing to get the documentary premiered by the end of 2020. 

I salute these inspiring African travellers because they have inspired my own journey to explore not only the African continent but also continue to see the world. So far they have succeeded and I have to say if I had a new years resolution it would be to meet these incredible Africans throughout my journey across Africa.