Mental Health

Surviving Depression

Addis Ababa, I have heard a lot about it and I have patiently waited to experience it myself. As fate would have it, I landed at Bole International Airport at 2 am. As the chilly Addis air blew through my rasta, I took a deep breath, as if to suck in all of this magnificent City. I was at the beginning of an adventure that would take me through the intricate culture and history that has shaped not just Addis but Ethiopia as a whole. I was ready to try the food, dance to the music and wish my Ethiopian brothers and sisters good health in their own tongue.

Traveling While Melanated: I exclusively travel in Africa! Why?

I write this while in Kampala, Uganda country number 6 in my journey to meet all of the people of Africa’s 55 nations. This is a plan that has been 3 years in the making. Why would I exclusively travel the African continent you might ask. Mostly and largely because I have experienced a great deal of racism while travelling the world.