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I will spend the rest of my days travelling

I remember the day vividly, a 9-year-old boy staring at the television and gawking at beautiful destinations around the world. He would always mumble to himself, one day I will explore these places, learn their languages and enjoy their food.

I made myself a promise that day, I will travel to all the beautiful places I have ever imagined visiting. It took a brave 21-year-old me to make true on that promise and I was on my way to fulfilling a dream years in the making.

8 years since my adventure started, I have visited over 25 countries and I am now on a personal pilgrimage to explore the beauty of the African continent. 

Why Africa?… Why not Africa? After visiting much of the world I was constantly confronted by the reality that most people do not travel the African continent including many Africans themselves. After many interactions with travellers, I figured out most people hold deeply misleading myths about the mother continenet.

This has since motivated me to travel to all 55 nations across the African continent and learn as much s possible about the unique traditions, vibrant history and jaw-dropping scenery. Since I started this journey to explore Africa, I can definitely tell you the African Continent is worth travelling and boy is it fun to explore this place I call home.

I am excited to share all the amazing travel stories from all these African countries I get to visit. I love telling people about the amazing people I meet and all the new friends and family I make everywhere I go. After all, there is nothing more welcoming than an African Smile!


Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and even Zambia are now places I gladly call home. The people of these nations have taught me true hospitality. I can not wait to experience even more and create vlogs, podcasts and blogs around all these amazing people and places.