Hi, My Name is Tumo,

Get to know me.

I am an explorer, entrepreneur on a mission to understand the world through stories. The type of tales one can only experience by immersing themselves into a world they do not know.


I love to listen to these stories, share these stories and contextualise these stories. 


Whether its a entrepreneurial feat or a celebration of people, culture and the African Continent, I love to immerse myself in it. 

Since 2013 I have explored 25 different countries around the world. Living and learning everywhere I go. 


Right now I am on a mission to explore the 55 nations that make up the African Continent. I celebrate, appreciate and encourage other Africans to explore the continent for business, arts and culture. 


Our continent is filled with opportunities to learn, trade and grow together we need to embrace that to build #TheAfricaWeWant.


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