This is my Journey

Follow my journey, as I share myself with the world. 

I am Tumo, an adventure-loving soul determined to explore the world.
Start writing your autobiography now, create the narrative you want for your life. – 21 year old Tumo

When I was 21, I promised myself to see as much of the world as possible. Ever since then, I have travelled as much of the world as my wallet will allow. While exploring the world, I have been motivated by everyday people. Tried some exceptional cuisine. I continue to push myself to do the things that motivate me!

Since 2013,
I have completed a bachelors degree in English and Psychology
Bungy jumped off a cliff in the Himalayan mountains
Advised businesses to engage customers online
Learnt Mandarin and French
Most important of all, I have believed in myself.

Everything will work out, as long as I believe in myself. Travelling the world has given me the courage to keep believing. Laughter and gratitude have filled my days. I have also endured many challenges and minor detours. I still continue to grow from these experiences.

If not then, why not.
Motho ke motho ka batho

At the heart of my values is a Tswana saying “Motho ke motho ka batho”. Which literally means “a person is a person because of other people”. This grounds me and reminds me to always see the humanity in the people I meet, as I travel the world. From the spice markets of New Delhi to the mountainous shores of the French Riviera, “Motho ke motho ka batho”. At the core of it all is a simple value “Botho”, which means respect. “Botho” requires us to demonstrate our humanity by showing respect to every human being we interact with.

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